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Dude Tools


  • Fat Dude Shooter 24"/2# Handle
  • Dude Joister
  • Stake Driver

Milltrade offers Dude Tools building supplies - the best selection of construction tools that turn you from an amateur into the dude or dudette. Dude Tools has over 25 years experience in innovation and production of American-made tools for the construction industry. Dude Tools works to make products that make your work easier. Their dedication to serving their clients begins with keen attention to problems you experience in your line of work; they listen to concerns of the trade, and then work to find a solution that makes your work day easier.

Making of excellent, high quality tools focuses on more than just performance; Dude Tools considers Security, Durability and Safety. Innovation is at the heart of every tool they make; they are constantly challenging the norm and looking to improve the design and functionality of existing tools by employing the best technology available.

Each product available at Milltrade from Dude Tools undergoes rigorous testing by industry professionals, who ensure the tool can survive in a real environment. Once the professionals approve the designs and attest to the strength of the product, production begins to ensure you also enjoy the high quality tool.

Innovation at Dude tools is a fun and exciting process. For example, all tools have a trademark bright orange color that makes it easy to spot your tool and keeps you secure; it hardly gets mixed up with your construction material. Even the naming process breaks away from convention, going by fun, easy names you cannot forget.

At Milltrade, we love that Dude Tools has the approval of OSHA. You can find Dude Tools in-store for all your construction needs.