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Concrete Supplies

  •  Hand Tools - Brooms/Brushes- 36” Medium Poly.
  •  Misc - Concrete Thermometer
  • 10 1/2" Starter Adapter - Push Button Handles
  • 360° Twist Bracket - Two Hole
  • 360 Twist Bracket 1 3/4" Push Button Adapter
  • 360 Twist Bracket Threaded Handle Adapter
  • Broom Extension Adapter
  • Bull Float Adapter
  • Eliminator Composite Adapter w/chain
  • Female Threaded Adapter Push Button Handle
  • Fresno Adapter
  • Funny Trowel Adapter
  • Mini Rock-it Adjustable Angle Handle Adapter
  • Push Button Male Handle Adapter
  • Push Button/Female Threaded Adapter
  • Push Button/Male Threaded Adapter
  • Threaded Handle Clevis Adapter
  • Trowel Handle Adapter
  • Adapters - Wormgear Adjustable Bracket
  • 8" Starter Adapter for 1 3/8" Handle
  • 22 Caliber Loads
  • Specspoxy - 3000 - 22 oz.
  • High Strength All-Weather Anchoring Adhesive
  • Adhesive Dispensing Tool Gun 10 oz
  • Adhesive Dispensing Tool Gun 22 oz
  • 1 1/2" x 38mm Smooth Shank Joist Hanger 9 ga.nail
  • 7/8" x  24" Round Nail Stake w/ Holes
  • Pro Anchor Bolts 1/2" x 10"
  • Single Shot Powder Activated Fastening Tool Gun
  • 1/2" x 2 3/4" Wedge Anchors

Concrete Supplies to Get the Job Done Right

Every concrete contractor must have a unique set of tools & supplies that allows them to achieve their best results. Tools are much more than a means to an end - they are nothing short of a livelihood. Tradesmen depend on innovative products that meet their needs on the job site. Whether its performance they can trust or a product that outlasts the competition, tradesmen seek out tools that help them get the job done faster. Quality concrete supplies are essential in order to provide excellent finishing results, reduce labour times & the cost of doing business.

At Milltrade, we work with some of the best suppliers and market-recognized brands — Bartell, Bosch, Chapin, Dude Tools, Husqvarna, Keson, Marshalltown, Multiquip, Proline, and Simpson Strong-Tie — to ensure you have what you need for the job. We focus on reliable brands that have a commitment to serving construction professionals with the best tools possible.

Contact our sales team at Milltrade for your concrete construction needs. We’ll get you started with your project.