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November 7/18 Update

Posted by Alex Wowk on

A few comments on ... Why Trump is reluctant to drop tariffs on Canadian Steel.

"It will be very difficult to get rid of those tariffs now, especially with a president like Trump who really believes in them.  Part of the challenge is that steel companies are unlikely to invest heavily in new operations if they think the tariffs (higher profits) are temporary.  If we think the U.S. really wants to add more sustainable jobs to the industry, then what they really need to do is reduce imports.  That suggests the tariffs have to be permanent for long-term business planning."

Is there a chance Tariffs could be lifted? - Yes, only to be replaced by some other protection type formula ... perhaps Quotas.  Stay tuned - a possible signing of the new USMCA on November 30th may reopen discussions, but I fear today's higher rebar prices will be around into 2019.

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I talk to Canadian & American steel mills daily. It’s the only way I can keep ahead of price increases, tariffs and supply logistics. North American mills do not have the capacity to supply all of our domestic needs. This is where imports play a vital role in filling the shortfall. [...]

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To take a phrase from North America’s biggest retailer, we have “Everyday Low Prices.”We save contractors money every day of the year!Starting Tuesday, May 1/18 through to Monday, May 7/18, we are offering further savings<for our “CONTRACTOR APPRECIATION WEEK!” No bells or whistles, just additionaldiscounts on your purchases. Talk to Chris or [...]

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Higher steel prices have us all scratching our heads. Steel prices will shoot up in the short term due to supply shortages stemming from the United States Section 232 tariffs. U.S. & Canadian rebar pricing is up approximately 29% over the last 12 months.Domestic mill lead times are now out to May or [...]

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The name MILLTRADE… choosing your company name is no small task. In 1982 my associate, Pat Tindall, suggested MILLTRADE - MILL, recognizing the strength of our supplying partners and TRADE, the sale involving today’s currency of cash or credit card. Dealing directly with steel mills was considered crucial in the formation [...]

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 If you’re reading this blog, you’ve found our new website. Thanks for joining us. Our goal is to inform contractors & buyers current pricing trends & market conditions that will affect your costs … after all, in this economy, your purchase price is critical in creating maximum profit towards your job or project. Rebar [...]

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Why are the Prices of Structural Steel Rising?

The price of structural steel varies from day to day; steel is a global commodity whose price relies on different internal and external factors. Natural disasters and the strength of the American dollar can influence the supply and demand of steel, affecting the price of the commodity. In the aftermath of the most recent Tropical Storm [...]

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