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What a Year!

Posted by Alex Wowk on

As Milltrade finishes 39 years in business, I would like to thank all customers old and new who have supported our Domestic Rebar Programs.  We will continue to grow in services, products & staff. 

Please welcome our newest specialist, Ryan Yahn, a tradesman who can help you with all your concrete requirements.

Concrete Construction Supplies

While 2020 has not been kind to many industries, construction projects were considered an essential service & it has been a very busy season for Milltrade.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, we have seen a spike in home improvement projects.  Exterior concrete work can make social distancing in your backyard much more enjoyable.  We are [...]

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Domestic mills have adjusted their prices to meet import pricing head on, allowingcustomers to remain loyal to domestic production vs import.

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In spite of COVID 19, sales activity has reached record levels.  We expect the same level of activity to follow us into the fall.  

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"JUST IN TIME" for spring purchasing.  CANADIAN mills introduce "FOREIGN FIGHTER DISCOUNTS" - BUY CANADIAN!  MILLTRADE supports Canada's Mills & workers - you should too!BEST PRICES ... BEST QUALITY ... & BEST CHOICE!

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January 2019

Arriving daily, Canadian-made rebar – no tariffs – no imports.Support Canadian workers in Canadian Steel Mills – 10mm, 15mm, 20mmin 3, 6, & 12 metre lengths. The RIGHT CHOICE at the RIGHT PRICES.

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November 7/18 Update

A few comments on ... Why Trump is reluctant to drop tariffs on Canadian Steel."It will be very difficult to get rid of those tariffs now, especially with a president like Trump who really believes in them.  Part of the challenge is that steel companies are unlikely to invest heavily in new operations if they [...]

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I talk to Canadian & American steel mills daily. It’s the only way I can keep ahead of price increases, tariffs and supply logistics. North American mills do not have the capacity to supply all of our domestic needs. This is where imports play a vital role in filling the shortfall. [...]

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To take a phrase from North America’s biggest retailer, we have “Everyday Low Prices.”We save contractors money every day of the year!Starting Tuesday, May 1/18 through to Monday, May 7/18, we are offering further savings<for our “CONTRACTOR APPRECIATION WEEK!” No bells or whistles, just additionaldiscounts on your purchases. Talk to Chris or [...]

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Higher steel prices have us all scratching our heads. Steel prices will shoot up in the short term due to supply shortages stemming from the United States Section 232 tariffs. U.S. & Canadian rebar pricing is up approximately 29% over the last 12 months.Domestic mill lead times are now out to May or [...]

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