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Rigid Insulation


  • Chrome Insulation
  • Halo Insulation
  • Frost Cushion - Void Form
  • Platinum 3000 Expanded Polystyreen with Graphite 2" x 2' x 8' & 2" 4' x 8'.
  • Dynaflex Void Form

RIGID INSULATION – Terrafoam Platinum 3000

Sizes available – 2” x 2’ x 8’: 2” x 4’ x 8’: Custom Sizes Available On Request

Milltrade supports the economic & environmental performance of TERRAFOAM PLATINUM polystyrene insulation with graphite. Inventory of TYPE 4 PLATINUM 3000 meets sustainable building practices, like “Net-Zero” construction and LEED objectives.

TERRAFOAM PLATINUM is an environmentally advanced insulation technology produced in Western Canada by Beaver Plastics.

TERRAFOAM PLATINUM with graphite is the most environmentally sensitive polystyrene insulation which provides up to 20% higher R-values from expanded polystyrene. This new high performance technology from BASF avoids green house gas (GHG) blowing agents that are used in extruded polystyrenes: using graphite enhances the thermal value of polystyrene without using complex chemicals. TERRAFOAM PLATINUM uses fewer natural resources & embodied energy. It is inert, hypoallergenic & age-stable thermally efficient.

Eco/Environmental Factors:

  • most cost effective
  • permanent insulating effectiveness
  • high long-term R-values
  • near zero global warming potential
  • waste reduction with polywrap options
  • lowest embodied energy

Applications of Terrafoam Platinum:

  • perimeter insulation for grade beams & foundation walls
  • under concrete slabs
  • above-grade cladding under stucco & siding
  • masonry cavity walls
  • roofs, flat & tapered slope-to-drain
  • coolers, freezers & ice arenas
  • custom proprietary fabrications.


Sizes Available: 4” x 1’ x 8’: 4” x 2’ x 8’: 4” x 4’ x 8’. Custom Sizes Available On Request.

DYNAFLEX Void Form is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) product designed to protect grade beams, some structural slabs, pile caps & other concrete structures from the forces of freezing subgrade materials or the swelling of clay soils.

DYNAFLEX can absorb these strains through compression before heaving or cracking of the foundation occurs. DYNAFLEX is made from closed cell expanded polystyrene, thereby providing all-weather performance.

DYNAFLEX will compress under load, but, like all ‘solid’ EPS void form materials, resistance to compression increases with strain, exerting an ever-increasing level of stress to the structure.